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Meghashrey in collaboration with Radio Mirchi Felicitates the front line warriors

Meghaश्रेय has always been at the forefront from the initial days of pandemic. The journey has been really great with a lot of ups and downs but our founder Seema Singh stood strong and continued working for upliftment of the society.

27th October 2021 was really special. Meghashrey along with Radio Mirchi felicitated all the warriors from various strata of the society who came together to share their stories of courage, faith and resilience

Mayor of Mumbai, BEST General Manager, Army officials and Dean’s of different hospitals across Mumbai came and graced the occasion with their presence.

Also the key highlight of the evening, Meghashrey has launched a special cover titled Trendsetters wherein all our work will be published for your consumption

We look forward to continue all the good work in the days to come

We are stronger together!

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