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Meghashrey NGO along with its founder Seema Singh spreads joy and happiness to children

Seema Singh, Founder of Meghashrey has always been at the forefront to work towards the happiness of children through her NGO Meghashrey. Amidst the festive season of Christmas, she distributed stationary, mask, sanitizer and toys to 100+ orphans at the Mount Mary Church at Bandra, Mumbai. The event organized had children singing the Christmas carols, enjoying with the Santa and receiving their Christmas Presents. During the event, the children were also encouraged to display their dancing, singing, arts, and other talents. This serves as a platform to enable the children to be creative and come out of their fear and live life to the fullest.

Seema Singh says, “Christmas is the season of love, joy, peace and happiness. Unfortunately the orphans are deprived of these lovely moments. In our endeavors to spread the joy, happiness and love we conducted the event with the children at the Mount Mary Church at Bandra. I feel privileged to have got the opportunity to spend quality time with the children and bring a smile on their face. Meghashrey has always worked towards the growth of the children. We believe in building a bright future for them. Through these programs and initiatives we aim brining smile on their faces and making them feel loved”.

Over the years, Meghashrey has conducted many initiatives where they have worked towards uplifting their less privileged and brining a joy to their hearts. The programs and initiatives are conceptualized and spearheaded by the founder, Mrs. Seema Singh. Meghashrey NGO was founded by her due to her inclination towards building a difference in the society and building a world which reduces the disparity and lives like one big family. These different events ensure that there is no one who does not get the equal opportunity to grow and build a bright future for themselves.

As the season of Christmas unfolds, let us all strive to have the Christmas message in our hearts and continuing spreading the love to all just like how Meghashrey NGO has been doing.

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