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Food Distribution

India faces significant challenges regarding food scarcity. As per September 2021, approximately 189.2 million people in India were undernourished, and about 34.7% of children under five suffered from stunting due to malnutrition. Despite being a major food producer, the country grapples with issues of food distribution, access, and wastage. Climate-related factors like droughts and floods also affect agricultural output. 

Weekly Food Distribution Across India

MeghaShrey NGO distributes home made nutritious meals on a daily basis. The beneficiaries are often low-income households, homeless individuals, refugees, elderly people, and others facing economic hardships. 

Food for old age home 

MeghaShrey NGO provides nutricious and healthy meals to various community centres in Mumbai. The objective is to ensure there is no food insecurity and people at the old age have access to nutritious meals for good health, mind and body. 

Food Distribution during COVID19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, food distribution became a critical aspect of humanitarian response to the situation. The pandemic's economic impacts, lockdowns, and disruptions to supply chains exacerbated food scarcity, leaving millions in need of food assistance.

Food Distribution to less fortunate

Food distribution programs were designed to provide food assistance to vulnerable populations on a regular basis. This was an aim to ensure that malnutrition rates among the families in India would be reduced. 

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