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India faces significant healthcare issues with several statistics highlighting the challenges.. Approximately 60 million people fell below the poverty line due to healthcare expenses. With a doctor-to-patient ratio of 1:1445, access to healthcare remains inadequate, particularly in rural areas. Non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular ailments, contribute to 63% of all deaths. Additionally, India grapples with high maternal mortality rates, approximately 113 deaths per 100,000 live births. Addressing these issues is crucial for improving the overall health and well-being of the population

COVID-19 Vaccinations 

MeghaShrey NGO has conducted extensive work during the pandemic to prevent the spread of the virus. It provided free vaccinations to more than 1000+ people from the less privileged sections of the society 

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Regular Health Camps 

There is no joy better than giving. MeghaShrey NGO conducts regular camps where one can donate blood, pledge their organs and give a new life back to society. 

Regular Health Check-Up 

Many communities in India today do not have access to proper healthcare facilities. The neglect can cause severe damage. As a preventive measure we conduct regular checkup camps for the less privileged communities. 


Awareness Programs

Nothing is better than preventive healthcare solutions. MeghaShrey NGO conducts multiple awareness campaigns throughout the year to create awareness, conduct preventive screening and ensure best healthcare practices are being adopted. 

Mental & Physical Well-Being 

MeghaShrey NGO strongly focusses on promoting and practice of Yoga and other activities which are necessary today to have a good lifestyle and well being. 


Care for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals have stood by us during every thick and thin. MeghaShrey NGO and Seema Singh recognizes and rewards the tremendous efforts of India's dynamic and robust healthcare professionals in building a world-class healthcare infrastructure. 

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