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Meghashrey NGO by Seema Singh Creates awareness on Cervical Cancer Free India in BMC schools

Megahshrey NGO founder Seema Singh conducts awarensss campaigns at BMC schools in Worli.

Seema singh says, " My NGO Meghashrey has collaborated with Mumbai Municipal Corporation @my_bmc for our campaign on Cervical Cancer Free India to spread awareness about preventive measures for cervical cancer among young students. Meghashrey NGO conducted an awareness session at three BMC schools in Worli. I feel privileged to get this wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with the budding young girls who are the future of our country and passing on the right information and knowledge on preventive measures for Cervical Cancer. It was heart wrenching to know that many young girls are unaware and are not following the right measures. Let us all stand together with my NGO Meghashrey and pledge to make India Cervical Cancer Free.

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