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Seema Singh invited as Chief Guest an Mann Deshi Festival in Mumbai

We thank the @manndeshi Foundation to have invited Seema Singh founder of Meghashrey NGO as the Chief Guest at their Maan Deshi Festival in Mumbai that promoted the rural women entrepreneurs of India. It is encouraging and really inspiring to see these atmanirbhar women trying to achieve their dreams and working out of the box against all their social and economic odds. Their entrepreneurial spirit is the real growth engine of India!!

The real rural experience trying to use the stone hand chakki - a traditional and authentic way to make our flour with our atmanirbhar women from rural India! Was overwhelmed to have sit with them, interact with them and share with them some moments in the way they live their life! It is indeed inspiring and worth praising the efforts and hardwork these women from rural india who are preserving, promoting and making these primitive skills and. Converting it into an successful entrepreneurial journey!

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